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Our Intrepid Cafe Racer compatriot Skimmer has posted what he calls a New Video from Yesteryear, Cafe Racing in the Mountains of Tennessee - Part 1 on the YouTube...
Other recent and vintage videos are available on the Intrepidvics channel.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to all those who helped with the camp out. I especially want to recognize Ellis, Larry and Tom Algood for their contribution. Sorry if I left some one out, old age you know. I realize that it is harder every year to make time for fun.

Larry and I were talking about the skill level of all who rode and the fact that not one rider fell. We had the chance with all the gravel and such.


Thanks much to all who showed up for the 2007 "Ride In Camp Out". I think I can speak for David, too - The CCR and the ICR are all like family to us and it meant a lot to us both to see everybody this weekend. Finest bunch of people I have ever met and/or likely will till death do me part. And this weekend on a couple of those rock strewn curves I though I just might "depart".

Yes, Chattanooga boys, when I say family, I'm talking about you all too. Bud's enduring legacy to us down here is you guys. I sure missed seeing Bud this weekend, but I sorta felt like he was there too. Thanks "Tard Boys" (Bert and Mango) for showing me what an old slow fart I am. And George? Wouldn't have been a party without you there.

It was great to see Mark and Scott and thanks for the video - I watched it this morning.

I know everybody is grateful to Ellis for his culinary arts. Thanks so much Ellis and to Tom Allgood too for his $ contribution to the cause to stamp out weekend hunger. The liquid corn wasn't bad either.

Just found out my front tire that I put on Friday got recalled by Michelin. Now's a fine time toMaybe some of us can manage to get together at the big AMA race at Road Atlanta - think about it.

I hope every body has a good week and a great summer.

Early on the afternoon of Sunday, November 26, 2006, a group of five riders was traveling north on East Valley Road near Powell's Crossroads, Tennessee, when one member of the group, Charles 'Buddy' Turner, lost control of his 1995 Ducati 900 SS at approximately 80 mph and crashed into a drainage ditch. Buddy was airlifted to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, where he was found to be paralyzed below the neck. Charles 'Buddy' Turner passed away, as a result of complications stemming from his accident, on the morning of November 28, 2006. He died peacefully, and without pain, surrounded by friends and family.
– Scott Cloninger
Bud Turner

I honestly do not recall when Bud showed up. I do know it was in the very early days of the Clemson Café Racers, the mid-70's. Which was the very early days of any body in the Southeast caring about any motorcycling other than riding a Harley somewheres.

Bud probably found us at Burrell's Place. The great South Carolina mountain retreat that was our watering hole after a long soaking ride through the Appalachians. At a campout this summer Bud amazed all of us old farts, Bud was our senior by a year or three, with great photos taken from Burrell's parking lot, the termination of many an adventure. We might have run across him on the Parkway, or maybe screaming down NC 215, running for Devil's Courthouse Falls in need of a refreshing plunge into the basin pool.

I think he was present at David Pepper's home for the party after a Poker Run that totaled about 400 miles through the mountains and was the debut evening of Aqua Ellis.

I've known Bud for 30 years then. I've looked over my shoulder and welcomed his smile while I hung on a fence at Daytona, or sat down to a picnic table at Mid-Ohio. I might not have seen him in three years but we would start right up, "Seen Tom Allgood or Larry or David lately?" "When was the last time you were up on the Parkway.?" "Warwomen pavement still good?" "Whatcha ridin?" "Still got the Sport?" "Got any pictures?"

It was always a delight to see Bud. And you never knew where the next sighting would be. He loved bikes, riders and the whole smash.

He is greatly and genuinely missed.

God's speed Bud Turner

– Mark Wishart
Bud's family is requesting that memorials be sent to the Roadracing World Action Fund which provides funds to install air fencing and other safety equipment for road racing and dirt track racing. You can donate online at Insert in the comments section "Please add this donation to the total donation amount from the (ICR) Intrepid Cafe Racers, in memory of Charles "Bud" Turner.
The 2018 Rally/Reunion is history! David Hedden did a great job preparing the camping area and hosting the old guys. A guesstimate is around 30 folks showed up. We had safe if not totally sane rides and the stories were rampant. The first pictures are up here.